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We need to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. For that reason, we have to embrace a new approach and implement innovative solutions to decarbonize our society within the next 6 years. Otherwise, we will have spent our global CO2eq budget by the end of 2027.

Think 288 degrees

No carbon is the new low carbon. Efficiency is not good enough.

288 Grad Consulting is a think and do tank aiming at finding innovative solutions to solve the climate crisis.

At 288 Grad, we have a deep climate change expertise including its related topics. We have access to an international network of outstanding thought leaders and frontrunners. We understand what the organizations and companies need to be part of the decarbonization process.

As our client, you can build on our expertise and experience to start with your transition to climate neutrality. We help you gain deeper understanding of the decarbonization challenge in and beyond your organization. You will receive insights into international developments and opportunities for your organization.

We enjoy to create the space needed to turn radical changes into reality – for and with the pioneers leading the climate transition.


Climate Launchpad

EIT Climate-KIC Austria

Build local climate innovation ecosystems and co-create new climate innovation programs for the leading climate innovation community in the EU.

Green Fassade

FFG Impact Innovation

Co-create a new support system for frugal innovation – with a focus on Austria and the Western Balkans.

LIKANO Klimaschutzprojekt Ruanda 2016


Co-design carbon reduction projects with positive effects on endangered wildlife in Rwanda.